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Note: All artwork has (finally) been organized into folders.
Feel free to marvel at the improvement from over the years.

Primarily consists of OCs, and a few pencil sketches I've colored. Fanart is minimal and fanart of all shows has been compiled into one folder for the sake of space. Most pictures before 2012 are done on bases; after that, especially with 2013 and beyond, I'll upload and digitally color pencil sketches to then upload. Exceptions are profiles. Also contains random pieces of written work.

The "Quotes of the Greats" series is a revamped project I started near the beginning of my time on here. It is not quite complete yet, but I hope to get most of it done soon. I am always open to requests; simply leave me your OC's name, a link to a pic or profile, a symbol you would like to use, and a quote.


The crazieness of my favorites; abandon all sanity, ye who enter here.

Currently obsessing over Welcome to Night Vale, Harry Potter, Gravity Falls, Legend of Korra, Once Upon a Time, Agents of SHIELD, Mystery Skulls Animated - Ghost, and TMNT (in no particular order).

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I'll update this more at some point

Greetings everyone! It is I, your friendly neighborhood Linz, with an exciting journal update!

Found these character creation questions thanks to LilBluestem, and I wanted to do them for my OC's! Just doing Liz's took me a good week though, and even though it's only been 2 and a half weeks since college started I already feel like I'm going to drown in work. Mostly because of Organic Chemistry Lab. I hate it so much. SO who knows when I'll get around to doing my other dorky babs, but here's some fun stuff about Liz for everyone to enjoy!

Character Creation Questions

1: Origins! How did you come up with the concept for your OC?

Ok. Ok. If you’ve been following me for a while, you’ll know Liz got her start about 5 or 6 years ago when I first joined this site. I’m sure I still have those embarrassing old drawings of her way back in the deep dark depths of my gallery. But she started out as a Danny Phantom OC, because that’s what I was obsessed with at the time. And of course, like all Danny Phantom OCs, she had to be half ghost, with a black and white costume, grey or white hair, purple eyes, and either fire or electric powers. Then almost immediately after her conception I decided that she would be a Teen Titans/Danny Phantom crossover character. And THEN I decided she would be related to Timmy Turner from Fairly OddParents, because that was my third obsession at the time. (Please keep in mind that I was 13 at the time, and only in 8th grade, and I didn’t know what I was doing.) So, a year or so went by? And I decided to cut her ties with FOP, mainly because I got tired with the show, but I kept her last name because I was uncreative. That was when her first major revamp occurred I believe. Then, when I joined CTTOC, I cut her ties with Danny Phantom, eventually made it so that she was a full ghost, and made a separate half-ghost OC for the DP fandom (who maybe I’ll talk about later???), and thus the modern Liz was born.

2: Were they originally well received by the fandom? Or if they’re fandomless, did the RP community take to them right away or was it hard to get attention?

Uuuuuuuuh I don’t know, I kind of stuck to the outskirts of the fandoms for my first few years here. People I became friends with liked her well enough, so…

3: Has your OC gone through different incarnations during their stay on Tumblr? Were they reimagined or have they stayed the same all this time?

Well I just discovered Tumblr a year ago, but she’s gone through quite a few incarnations here on DA! She went from a half-ghost (and I think at one point I made her blind or some nonsense????) to a full ghost, hopped fandoms, and now has colors in her hair and uniform! Her personality and powers, while at their core remain the same, have also been tweaked and fine-tuned as the years have gone by.

4: How do you get into your OC’s mindset to write for them? How do you find the muse for them?

A lot of the time, it just comes naturally. I can listen to her playlist, too, and it certainly helps. One of the biggest things I do, though, is just…ask myself, hmm, what would Liz be doing right now? And I get a scene in my head and I write it out. But I’ve had her for so long now, I don’t even need to prepare myself half the time; I can just think about her and a bunch of backstory and headcanons and whatnot will just fall into place.

5: Were you nervous about putting your OC out there? How long did it take before you decided to play your OC here on Tumblr?

Oh god I honestly don’t even remember. I’m sure I was, though, but I threw her out there anyway!

IC Interaction Questions

6: What is your OC’s family situation? Do they get along? Do they fight? Or are they alone?

Um. Oh. Well. When they were all alive, Liz loved her parents. They were so happy. And then the car crash happened, and her parents died, and Liz died too, except she became a ghost and her parents moved on, and now she’s alone. And she’s very sad about it.

7: What does your OC look for in a friend? Do they value friendship a lot?

Oh yeah, friendship is really important for Liz. Her friends have basically become her new family. She’ll try to befriend almost anyone, but she always loves those who are patient and understanding. She also likes those who are really energetic and boisterous and outgoing, just like her; but if anything, Liz will try to accommodate whoever it is she is trying to befriend to make them feel most comfortable.

8: What does your OC look for in a significant other? Are they looking at all?

Hahaha, yeah, no. Liz is asexual and aromantic, so she’s not looking for a significant other, thanks. She just needs her friends – her new makeshift family – and that’s enough for her.

9: What is your OC like when at work? Are they diligent? Slacker? Do they get along with their co-workers?

Since “work” is being a Teen Titan, Liz is really not too different. When in a fight she’s a lot more focused and diligent than when she’s just hanging around with her teammates at the Tower, and if you hurt one of her teammates she’ll attack full-force. She gets along well with most people in general, and she always tries to befriend her teammates if they haven’t met before or aren’t already friends.

10: How do they deal with strangers?

It all depends on the stranger. If they appear friendly, Liz just starts off with an introduction and goes from there. If the stranger ever seems uncomfortable Liz can (usually) recognize that and will give them some space. If approached by a stranger Liz is usually very friendly and outgoing; she is, after all, a superhero. If she sees someone who looks threatening or who is antagonizing her, she usually just walks away from the situation.

Inside the Muse’s Mind Questions

11: Is there a place they go to in order to escape the world, the stresses of life? What’s their favourite place?

She likes going outside, whether that be just sitting on the roof or going for a flight in the woods. Liz will always go to a little secluded spot in the Jump City Forest if she needs to, just to get away from it all.

12: What scent calms them? Reminds them of home or something soothing?

She’ll sometimes bake chocolate chip cookies because she misses the smell of cookies fresh out of the oven. She loves the smell of morning dew because it reminds her that today is a new day; and she eventually associates the scent with Violet, too, which further helps her calm down. Alternatively, she misses the smell of her cat, because her cat was her best friend and helped her fall asleep now her cat is gone, too.

13: Do they have any favourite foods? Would they eat it all the time if they had the chance? What do they hate to eat?

Liz doesn’t need to eat at all now that she’s dead, but as mentioned above she’ll sometimes bake cookies, not just because she misses the smell but she also misses the taste. She also likes macaroni and cheese and pasta with alfredo sauce, and basically anything with chocolate, and mint.

14: Pet peeves. Tell us what would really tick them off. Do they have a Berserk Button?

She doesn’t have a Berserk Button, per say; more of an overprotective streak, if anything. Not much bothers Liz, really… except maybe pranks where people use her fear of insects against her.

15: Does your OC have any awful fears? Do they get paralyzed with fear or can they work through their fears?

She’s always been afraid of insects and arachnids, and despite the fact that she is now dead and doesn’t have to worry she still screams whenever she sees one. It makes for great pranks, but as mentioned she gets pissed when people do that to her. She’s also afraid of cars and trucks, since she died when a truck collided with her family’s car. She associates them so strongly with her death, she can’t handle being in one. Luckily she can fly, so transportation isn’t a problem.

16: What are concepts they value? Virtues? What do they look down upon?

She values friendship, and respect, and love, and overall kindness towards others. She believes one should live life to the fullest. She hates people who are assholes just to be assholes, and people who abuse their power to hurt others instead of help them. She doesn’t necessarily look down on it, but she wishes she could help people who think their lives have no meaning, because Liz truly believes that everyone matters in the word.

17: Do they have any guilty pleasures? They embarrassed about them? Do they flaunt them?

Not really? Probably her biggest guilty pleasure is her undying love of children’s cartoons, but no one makes a big deal about it so she doesn’t either.

18: Do they have a guilty conscience? Why? Did they ever do something they totally regretted?

She feels guilty about being a ghost, about staying behind when her parents moved on. It’s not like it was something she had control over, but there are nights when she blames herself. When she gets older, she begins to regret not spending enough time with her friends, despite the fact that she spends as much time with each individual friend as she can.

Miscellaneous Questions

19: Have they ever been injured? Sick? How do they deal with it?

Listen, Liz is unfortunately dead, but if asked I would have to say that she handles it pretty well compared to how she could handle it. She still has a fear of cars and trucks that stems from how she died, but aside from her first month or so of panicking and trying to figure out how to be a ghost, she handles ghosthood pretty well. Later on in life, though, after her friends all die, she starts having a tougher time with the essential immortality that comes with ghosthood. Before her death she had the chicken pox and handled it about as well as any other 8 year old would. She’s had plenty of scrapes and cuts and colds, and she’s always been fine in the end; probably the most she ever did was complain about not being able to get comfortable or comment on all the blood haha.

20: What are Tropes you associate with your muse?

Adorkable, Nigh Invulnerability (specifically Made of Air, thanks to her Intangibility), The Undead (she’s a ghost, duh), Our Ghosts are Different (she started out with reason 3, is now probably closer to reason 2) which kind of ties into Ghostly Goals, Cute Ghost Girl, and Friendly Ghost. There are probably more that fit her and her story but I’m not that well-versed in Tropes, and these were some of the first ones popped up that fit Liz.

21: Name an embarrassing situation that your muse has been in.

Before she died she played spin the bottle with her friends and ended up having to kiss all of them multiple times. It was really embarrassing for her because she had no idea what she was doing, and ended up quitting when one of her friends made a snarky comment about it. She also challenges Violet to a game of strip poker in their later years for drunken reasons, and loses horribly.

22: If given a million dollars, what would your OC do?

Donate it to a homeless shelter or orphanage, because she doesn’t need it and would rather it go to people in need.

23: Any ships for your OC?

Nope, not really! (except for the crack ship Liz x Ana c: )

24: Have you ever gotten anon hate because of your OC?

Nope, mostly because I’ve only just moved over to Tumblr, and DA doesn’t allow anonymous comments.

25: What are your plans for your muse in the future?

Well she’s definitely not going anywhere. I might overhaul her profile yet again, and also give her playlist a new cover if I ever get time enough to draw one out? I love Liz so much, though. I want to keep working on her backstory; maybe I’ll actually make it into a cohesive story that can be easily read someday. And I have doodles of her all over my school notebooks, so, yeah, Liz isn’t going anywhere.

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